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Fwd: Best Opportunities in: CPV Solar, Optical Silicone Molding, and Reverse Osmosis

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Subject: Best Opportunities in: CPV Solar, Optical Silicone Molding, and Reverse Osmosis
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                        Wingate Dunross, Inc. June 14, 2012
My client  is a clean energy company located in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina that produces very high efficiency concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) modules. They are now scaling up to volume production, and seek candidates with experience in PV field applications to support its market entry, align with BOS suppliers and manage field deployments. The environment is entrepreneurial, exciting, fast paced, and focused on excellence.
#1) Senior CPV Applications Engineer

• Identify and work with balance of system providers to evaluate, develop and provide solutions using company's module arrays
• Qualify suitable cost effective trackers for their CPV module arrays; integrate these modules with trackers and identify installation solutions

• Identify best practices in CPV system deployment

• Collect and analyze field performance data and develop optimized system solutions

• Serve as a senior technical resource and direct response to customer technical inquiries

• Develop and maintain product and system related technical documentation

• Manage the deployment of test systems in the field; provide technical support in customer CPV projects.

• Participate in the development of  technology roadmap

Candidate Requirements:

• Bachelor's or advanced degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
• 10+ years of engineering experience, at least 3 years of PV experience; CPV experience preferred

• Hands-on experience with commercial PV installation; tracker installation experience a strong plus

• Detailed understanding of balance of system components in a PV system

• Experience and interest in solving customer problems and root cause analysis

• Ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally

• Self-motivated and willing to work long hours in a cross functional organization

• Excellent written and oral communication skills
 #2) Silicone on Glass Lens Molding Engineer
In an effort to scale-up production, same company as above is seeking candidates for a silicone on glass lens injection molding engineer. The engineer will aid in the development of the lens molding processes, then transfer from engineering to manufacturing to transition the process from R&D into pilot production. The pilot line facility is located in Henderson, NC. The environment is exciting, fast paced, and focused on excellence.
  • Lead the development of a molding process to produce silicone on glass lenses
  • Identify machinery, automation, material and processes that will scale well from pilot line volumes to full production volumes
  • Work with material vendors and tool suppliers to prototype new concepts
  • Work with reliability and quality groups to qualify new manufacturing techniques
  • Transition lens making process into production with associated control plan
Candidate Requirements:
  • Bachelor's or advanced degree in Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Chemical Engineering, or related field Experience with silicone molding in a manufacturing environmentUnderstanding of silicone chemistry for optically clear RTV grades
  • Experience in automated manufacturing processes, especially dispense and robotic material handling
  • Solar experience preferred but secondary to other skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Interest in learning more about CPV technology and in working with a talented dynamic team     
#3) Polymer Membrane Scientist
My client in Los Angeles is a young VC-funded startup that enhances current polymer-based membranes with a nano-structured material that allows additional control of key membrane properties. The result is a wide array of advantageous membrane characteristics including improved throughput at requisite salt and contaminant rejection levels, passive and active fouling resistance, and the flexibility to address specific water chemistries.  They have recently received $61million in funding from several venture capital firms.

You will be developing a suite of innovative products based on current nanocomposite RO membrane chemistry as well as second generation membrane materials. Directing and working hands on to ensure quality and commercial viability of reverse osmosis products including hand cast and commercial reverse osmosis membrane testing and synthesis, prototype membrane testing and new product design. Work with other R&D team members to ensure highest quality laboratory procedures.
Essential Functions: 
  • Defining laboratory experiments and creating comprehensive R&D plans
  • Hand-casting polymer and nanocomposite (mixed-matrix) membranes
  • Performing advanced membrane characterization and desalination performance testing
  • Synthesizing and characterizing new monomers and polymers
  • Track the project mgmt process for experiments
  • Robust analysis of data from lab experiments, manufacturing trials and field results
  • Provide general assistance and expertise to manufacturing team members on building differentiated products that maintain company's competitive edge
  • M.S. or Ph.D. in polymer chemistry, chemical engineering, or material science.
  • Minimum of 5 years demonstrated successful planning, execution and analysis in moving research work from the laboratory bench to a commercial product.
  • Demonstrated excellence in application of analytical tools (UV-VIS, FT-IR) in quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  • Thorough and demonstrated knowledge of analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry.
  • Ability to work with short cycle times for delivering results.
  • Proven ability to lead scientific and engineering projects.
  • Ability to thrive in an interdisciplinary environment.
  • Good written and verbal English communication skills (MUST HAVE FLUENCY) 
  • Experience coating or casting polymer films, membranes or mixed-matrix materials
  • Experience performing and interpreting AFM, SEM, TEM, XRD, EDX, XPS, FTIR, DSC, contact angle, and zeta potential
  • Experience synthesizing monomers and polymers and characterization with NMR, GCMS, FTIR
  • Adhesion and interactions between particles and surfaces in liquids, dispersions, and colloidal systems
  • Mechanistic understanding of interfacial polymerizations
  • Experience using micro and meso-scale characterization to explain macroscopic behavior
  • Competitive product knowledge and industry trends
  • RO membrane development including casting and coating processes
  • Water analysis including ICP, ion chromatography, TOC Laboratory QA/QC
  • SPC, DOE and Statistical Analysis of Laboratory Data
General Skills/Abilities: Proven attention to detail, excellent organization, written and verbal English communication skills. Competent in using Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Physical Requirements: Standing, sitting, walking, climbing stairs, light lifting up to 45 pounds, computer operation, travel if/as required by air/rail/auto, ability to work in office and manufacturing environment. 
#4)  Electrochemists and Chemical Engineers -- Just a reminder to the readers that I spent years in the electrochemistry industry and have a chemical engineering degree.  Please feel free, any and all electrochemists, to submit a resume for my files... and that goes as well for any Chemical Engineers who would like have their resume on file with me.  Confidentiality is guaranteed! 

IF you interested in pursuing any of these excellent opportunities, please respond with a confidential resume and cover letter, addressing which position is the best fit and why.  Recommendations and referrals are welcomed.
Best Regards,
Nicholas Meyler
GM/President, Technology
Wingate Dunross, Inc.
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