Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Solyndra effect.

Solyndra was a memetic weapon. It's intent was to protect big oil and gas companies and keep us from forward progress.  It's amazing that cheap energy is here and we can't make forward progress on it.

So let me explain how this works.

We recently had a Green Technology Bubble.  It was getting hyped in the press and everyone thought it was where things were heading. Or so it seemed.   It's been several times now in my life I've watched everyone jump on to the Solar/Green bandwagon only to have the wheels fall off and everyone abandons it in a hurry.

There were and still are a number of good technologies and companies, but it's just not happening.
There are several factors, Solyndra and Enron being a large part of this.

See with a bubble comes a flood of VC and Speculator money.  As it is with any Gold rush, there are also no shortage of con-artists and scammers, plying there trade, and you also have many clueless idiots that just show up to the party hoping to figure it out and get in the game.

The amount of financing is finite and will only go so far till there are some successes and failures before more arrives. Who get's the money from VC, Federal and State Grants, private investors? Usually not the engineers and scientists who lack the slick marketing skills of Madison avenue.  It's people who already have money, or their kids just graduated from some top university.  Those are usually first in line.

Now the easiest way to ensure a Green Technology bubble crashes and burns is to load the deck where all the really big big Mind boggling big funded start-up are run by people who have no intention of ever seeing Solar technology ever see the light of day.  And you take everyone's money and run it in to the ground at full speed.  This will burn every investors and make it nearly impossible for every little inventor with the real stuff from getting anywhere.

Meanwhile you have the California state government saying they are for solar then sabotage and strangle in bureaucratic red tape every solar plant and come just shy of outlawing solar panels on people root tops.

Now that they have killed this bubble and scared off any investment opportunity, you have then using the Solyndra to taint other companies that have nothing to do with it.

See the article Below.  Bloom Energy isn't even Green energy.  Fuel Cells could be but the ones they are equating with Solyndra are using Methane Natural Gas, a Hydrocarbon fossil fuel.

The Bloom energy devices are only somewhat less polluting, but make a lot of sense from a technology point of view as if the electrical grid fails the City Gas lines would most likely be working (as least outside of earthquake country).  They provide a clean, lower maintenance version of a Back Up Generator for Data Centers, and little more.

Washington Times: NICHOLS & DRIESSEN: Delaware’s very own Solyndra?

From an E-mail from cfact.org
CFACT's Driessen: "Another Solyndra" in Delaware
CFACT senior policy advisor Paul Driessen and independent financial consultant John Nichols called attention to an attempt by California-based Bloom Energy to get the State of Delaware to subsidize the manufacture of supersized fuel cells and to replace natural gas and coal-fired power plants for electricity generation (.Delaware.s very own Solyndra," Washington Times, 9-23-11).

Supported by Gov. Jack Markell and other politicians, Bloom is demanding $600,000,000 to $775,000,000 in tariffs over 20 years . plus $16,000,000 in startup costs, plus additional millions from the U.S. Department of Energy . all risk-free and guaranteed, regardless of whether the fuel cells ever generate a kilowatt of electricity. The revelations come on the heels of reports that the bankrupt Solyndra counts among its creditors the California Democratic Party!

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