Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sustainability Hacks: Automatic window control

From Hack-A-Day

Sometimes, changing one little bit of a green hack turns it into a build that wastes as much energy as our gaming rig. [Dr. West]‘s automatic window controller is one of these builds. The good news is the window controller can be easily modified to cut energy costs in the fall and spring.
[Dr. West] doesn’t have any control over the heat in his apartment and for the entire Canadian winter, his apartment gets really hot. He doesn’t pay for his heat, so he does what any of us would do – crack a window. Inspired by this post, he put a linear actuator in the frame of his kitchen window. [Dr. West] didn’t want to damage the window frame, so he attached the actuator to a piece of square aluminum tubing that mounts to the existing screw holes.
The electronics, [Dr. West] used a Rabbit 2000 dev board, LCD display and keypad, and built an H-bridge circuit on a bit of breadboard. Because of a port conflict and admitted laziness, an Arduino is used to read the thermistor. The display shows the current and desired temperature, and the Rabbit opens and closes the window accordingly. All the source code is posted in the forum post.
While it’s not the most ‘green’ idea to dump heat from a building’s HVAC system out into a frozen tundra, this would be a great build to automatically open and close windows in the more temperate seasons. Open windows during the day, close them at night and you’ll have no more problems coming home to a house that’s either too hot or too cold. Check out a video of the automatic window after the break.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Google Releases Geothermal Potential Map of the US

From Slashdot:

"The Google funded Enhanced Geothermal Systems research at the Southern Methodist University has produced a coast-to-coast geothermal potential map of the United States. Having invested over $10 million on geothermal energy, Google seems to believe that it is our best bet at kicking the oil habit (especially now that nuclear power has suddenly become disproportionately unpopular)."

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fwd: Retained Searches in Energy: Wind and Steam Boilers

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Wingate Dunross October 1, 2011
Dear Engineers, Scientists and Potential Job-Seekers,
Our client is the world leader in integrated power plants for the production of electricity and air quality control systems.They have solutions for all energy sources including coal, gas, nuclear, fuel-oil, hydropower and wind and are a leader in innovative technologies for the protection of the environment (reduction of CO2 emissions; elimination of pollutant emissions).  They have a presence in nearly 100 countries throughout the world and currently have over 93,000 employees.  Their wind energy division has outstanding opportunities available in Richmond, VA.  We have been exclusively retained on two searches in wind energy and one in steam boilers:
(1) Process Engineer Job Description:
Under general guidance of supervisor or more experienced engineer, that Engineer will perform various engineering duties in support wind business product engineering and qualification processes.This position requires the exercise of judgment and application of standard engineering principles and practices. Key objective is to pursue initiatives to improve effectiveness of the group and increase customer satisfaction.The candidate must be able to work with a team, take direction and work with minimal direction.

Typical duties/responsibilities for engineering may include, but are not limited to, the following:


§         Responsible for new tower manufacturing qualifications.

§         Responsible of other mechanical components inside tower such as internals and service lift.

§         Alternatively, he may be responsible for other mechanical products.

§         He (or she) should provide timely support to execution; he/she might be eligible to become the Project Engineer in some current projects representing engineering in that project team.

§         Prepare specifications and related documents in accordance with requirements, established formats and general instruction.Review and analyze a variety of engineering data, documents and reports.

§         Ensure on time delivery of all agreed engineering deliverables, in line with local requirements and project specification.

§         Provide timely support to sales, sourcing and manufacturing.

§         In cooperation with global teams, establish a disciplined process to effectively manage engineering information & support to execute tendering, supply chain, manufacturing and projects through policies, procedures, management tools, reports and training.

§         Secure timely and adequate functional specifications of components, meeting local and contractual requirements. This includes localization of spec and substitution of materials as appropriate, if it would be necessary.

§         Ensure that a focused reporting is implemented and all phases of engineering, including planning of engineering man-hours, are clearly tracked to secure on-time delivery of documentation and components. Lead time, cost and quality.

§         Continuous development of engineering activities to generate cost-saving and quality improvements.

§         Ensure production processes are robust enough to meet the required quality level described into company's specifications. Solving quality issues on manufacturing sites

§         Maintain prompt and efficient communication and exchange of information with engineering headquarters in Spain.


  • B.S. degree in Metallurgical or Mechanical Engineering required
  • Should have thorough knowledge on Welding Inspections & repair procedures,
  • Experience of windmill-tower preferable, Prepare and maintain all the manufacturing engineering documents, Preparation of BOM.
  • Minimum experience of three years in industrial processes in particular wind mill towers (costs breakdown, process reliability and quality, resolution of Non Conformities and corrective actions and management of delivery deviations.

·         Experience in wind power business, specifically nacelle assembly preferred

·         Industrialization process experience.

·         Experience in working with suppliers required including development of technical supplier specifications of mechanical components, quality control plans.

·         Project management experience (prototypes and pre-series) includes, cost control and follow-up.

·         Ability to process certifications with homologated entities.

  • Previous experience or good understanding of Quality Assurance process and procedures
  • Must be organized and have excellent writing skills
  • Open minded, flexible in business situations
  • Proactive and commitment minded approach to problem solving and business processes
  • Ability to communicate effectively working in an international environment
  • Fluency in second language (Spanish) desirable
 (2) Project Manager Job Description:

Typical duties/responsibilities for engineering may include, but are not limited to, the following


  • Review and prepare technical specifications and related documents that are in accordance with established requirements and general instructions.
  • Analyze a variety of engineering data, documents, and reports.
  • Accountable for on time delivery of engineering deliverables that are in line with local requirements and project specification.
  • Provide timely support to the Sales, Tendering, Project Execution, and Manufacturing departments.
  • Cooperate with global teams to establish thorough policies, procedures, management tools, reports, and training manuals that will aid in the effective management of engineering information.
  • Secure adequate functional specifications of components in a timely fashion that meet local, project, and contractual requirements. This includes the localization of specifications and/or the substitution of materials as appropriate.
  • Accountable for not only ensuring that a lean approach is applied to all facets of the engineering process, but also that there be the mechanisms in place to properly report upon the time and monies that have been expended.
  • Continuously develop engineering processes and procedures that drive cost-saving and quality improvements.
  • Ensure production processes are thorough and complete, meeting the required quality levels as described in respective Alstom specifications.
  • Facilitate in or lead the process of solving quality issues on manufacturing or construction sites.
  • Promptly and efficiently communication information with engineering headquarters in Spain.


  • B.S. degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering required.
  • Minimum of three years experience in engineering.
  • Has experience in working with costs breakdown structures, process reliability and quality evaluation, and the development of non-conformity corrective action plans and the management of their implementation.
  • Experience in developing, implementing, and performing quality control of technical documentation and specifications for suppliers.
  • Experience on mechanical components.(Ex. gearboxes, bearings, etc…)
  • Project management experience that includes the basic functions of cost, quality, engineering and schedule control.
  • Desirable experience in BOP execution.
  • Ability to process certifications with homologated entities and engineering firms.
  • Previous experience or a thorough understanding of quality assurance processes and procedures.
  • Desirable experience on 3-CAD systems desirable (Ex. SolidWorks.)
  • Organized and have excellent technical writing skills.
  • Open minded and flexible in a multitude of business situations
  • Proactive and pragmatic approach to problem solving and business processes analysis.
  • Ability to communicate effectively while working in an ever-changing and evolving international and multicultural environment.
  • Experience on electrical infrastructure and civil works valuable.
  • Fluency in second language (Spanish) desirable
(3)  Manager of Quality Search (Windsor, CT)
Manager of Quality and Process Improvement
1. Ensuring that a Quality Management System and Process Improvement System are in place in the product line to deliver quality products, provide customer satisfaction and maximize financial performance.
2. Champion quality best practices throughout the product line and supplier base.
Educate and train employees. Ensure product line and suppliers meet recognized
standards and contract requirements for the quality of the products or services they
3. Act as the focal point for Customers on quality issues.
Job Duties:

1. Act as management liaison/representative for the quality system

2. Implement an audit system for QA/QC and set quality objectives

3. Implement, maintain and continuously improve quality management system

4. Monitor and review performance of system

5. Direct involvement of quality in product and technology development systems

6. Check and approve procedures, instructions and/or documentation

7. Champion and implement six-sigma program

8. Ensure response to any issue related to quality system is timely and optimal.

9. Train greenbelts
10. 25% Travel will be required
Key Indicators of Performance:

1. Cost of poor quality Benefits of good quality

2. Customer satisfaction

3. Six Sigma program metric

4. 3-party acceptance of systems

5. Audit program metric

6. Deviation measurement and management

7. Corrective and preventive action metric
Required Experience:
1. BS degree in ME, IE, EE, Business Administration, or related Quality Management Experience.
2. 5+ years experience professionally in implementation of QA systems

3. Experienced in Six Sigma, ISO 9000 and other quality "toolkits"

4. Diverse knowledge and experience of inspection and QC methods, techniques,

     and documentation

5. Excellent communication skills in English

6. Energy sector experience is preferred

7. EHS Management and integrated system management experience preferred

8. Statistical methods and data analysis, strong analytical skills

9. Strong interpersonal and management skills, high integrity, judgment
Terminology candidate should know:
COPQ; NCR; "Root Cause" Analysis; TaprooT/RCA ; Six Sigma; ISO 9001; ASME Codes and Certifications 
                      Windfarm on the Island of Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles
Please feel free to forward this information as much as you like.
Apply to:
Nicholas Meyler,
GM/President, Technology
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28632 Roadside Drive #203, Agoura Hills, CA 91301