Friday, January 8, 2010

super caps will win for electric vehicles

Read:   Battery Costs For Electric Cars Versus Prius from future pundit

Battery technology is too expenive heavy, takes too long to charge and needs replacing every 5 to 10 years.
There are also concerns that the exotic metals and chemicals need make them will in short supply if we try to scale up the number of electric vehicles on the road.

My argument for supercaps winning is this.
I am telling ya, supercaps will win. There is a system for bussed now where they can recharge at each stop.

I can easily see highways and roads with spots that can recharge cars as they are driving.
They can be every few feet or even every few miles along the road, maybe make a special lane for them.  Dynamic mircopayments can be done for charging for the electricity sold and it can be supply from solar along road side or off the grid.

See a story I wrote with my vision for this.

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