Saturday, November 14, 2009

UFO crash hits wind turbine!

Be on the lookout for a UFO with a giant wind turbine blade sticking out of it. LOL

A UFO is believed to have struck a giant wind turbine in South Lincolnshire.

These blade are just massive, and you have to admit it really look like it hit something hard but there is no damage on the mast. Also one of the blades are just missing, how do you loose a telephone pole size windmill blade and can't find where it went? Is the owner of the turbine.

In a later report they found out the real cause metal fatigue.
It wasn't ET 'wat done it'  10 February 2009 Interim report rules out UFO’s

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  1. All are damaged?? That's strange?? You can also have a look over GPS Systems too. GPS or global positioning system is a device through which you can check the exact location of an object. This GPS tracking system, as it is more popularly called, is put into vehicles mostly.