Monday, October 19, 2009

Monitor and control your electricity

Here are a few consumer level products for AC 110V power systems:

Efergy’s - Wireless Electricity Monitors - plug load meters

Watts up? - web-enabled electricity controller - plug load meters , at Fry's

TED - The Energy Detective - Montors entire home

Kill A Watt - P3 International Corp. - Monitoring Power Strip

Wattson - DIY KYOTO - This is just a little too cute. For the UK 220v systems.

Conzerv - MeterCenter - Montors entire home, also industrial meters.

Measurlogic Inc.  - Socket Energy Meters - Makes many industrial meters.

Some of these are "plug load" meters, this measure the amount of electricity used by whatever is plugged into them.

And products for DC systems:

DOC Wattson

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