Saturday, September 19, 2009

Welcome to Green Ideas

 I have been having many brainstorming session over E-mail, phone and Facebook. Ideas such as  Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Bio Fuels as well as the problems associated with them like Energy Storage, Electric Vehicles, and Green Materials and manufacturing techniques. Also carbon sequestration, and anything that will move us past the  petroleum age and the impending climate disaster it has brought.

Now I finally will have a place for the open discussion and hopefully new solutions leading to inventions and product. For any of these ideas to work, they must not only be green but economically viable and buy that I mean profitable.

I would like to invite as many smart people in to these brainstorming sessions as possible.
My only requirement is to keep an open mind.  As I am even open to things like biblical references, but don't want to tangent too far down those paths.

The end goal is to work towards reversing global warming and other problems facing the continued expansion of the human race.  I believe this idea of limiting the human race at 10 Billion is horrific. If we are to continue to progress, we must keep inventing and take control over all aspects of our environment.  I think the earth could easily support 1 trillion people comfortable with trillions more living thought the solar system and beyond.

Below is a list of some of what I have been researching and getting in to some very deep discussions. 
  • Bio Diesel - Algae, Jatropha, Fisher-Trope process, and other plant oils.
  • Bio Gasoline - pyrolysis, hydropyrolysis,
  • Bio Gas - HHO, Syngas, methane hydrates
  • Solar, holographic lenses, flexible cells,  alternatives to Silicon, ways to reduce cost, 
  • Wind - optimal designs, cost reductions
  • Power storage, Super Caps, batteries, thermal
  • Geothermal - way to reduce cost, maintenance
  • Electrical generation, transmission and storage
  • Non petroleum based plastics, Eco-epoxy and materials for manufacturing
  • Materials for third world production, like using plant fibers
  • Alternatives to Cement that release CO2 during production
  • Methane and CO2 release during food production

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