Thursday, January 5, 2012

Micro Fuel Cells to power Phones and portable devices.

PowerTrekk uses eco-friendly fuel cell technology which cleanly and efficiently converts hydrogen into electricity. The ability to simply insert a PowerPukk fuel pack and add water provides users instant and limitless power on the go.

Unlike solar chargers, fuel cell power is generated quickly (no waiting for sun harvesting) and reliably (speed of charging not impacted by weather, solar position etc. and no power degradation like batteries).

At the heart of PowerTrekk is myFC's proprietary FuelCellSticker technology. Made from foils and adhesives, these FuelCellStickers form a flexible assembly less than 2.75mm thick. Since the hydrogen fuel can be supplied from several alternative sources, the system is "flexifuel".

The fuel cell inside PowerTrekk is a completely passive system. Without fans or pumps, the fuel cell silently converts hydrogen into electricity via its Proton Exchange Membrane.

The chemistry process is safe, controllable and eco-friendly, and the only bi-product from the fuel cell is a little water vapor. To operate, hydrogen must be supplied to the fuel cell, and the fuel cell must be exposed to the open air.

The fuel cell charger is electronic waste and will be part of an industry program for recycling. The fuel pack is part of an industry program for reusing its materials and is made of coated can materials which prevent corrosion and leakage of chemicals.

PowerTrekk and PowerPukk meet industry security standards and can be brought on an airplane passenger cabin.

Rated output: 5V, 1000 mA
Rated input: 5V, 500 mA
Internal buffer: Li-ion, 1600 mAh
Fuel cell: PEM 4 cell unit 1000 mAh
Charging input port: Micro USB
Charging output port: USB-A

This is based on technology from

SiGNa Chemistry, Inc. has commercialized a suite of "green" chemistry materials based on the company's core technology for transforming reactive alkali metals and their derivatives - which have historically been dangerous to use and store - into safe, free-flowing powders. The resulting materials drive improvements in safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability across chemical processes in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and general synthesis industries.
Additionally, the powders enable entirely new beneficial technologies and processes, including: the safe removal of pollutants from the environment and the safe, rapid production of pure hydrogen fuel for clean energy applications.

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