Sunday, September 18, 2011

Solar is the “Fastest Growing Industry in America”
Stephen Lacey: The U.S. solar industry grew 102% last year and is on track to grow another 100% this year. What other industry doubled its growth during one of the worst economic periods in our history? The GOP has been using the Solyndra debacle to talk about “pet alternative energy.” This nonsens...

I'm thrilled that, at a time that US growth is around zero, solar grew 102% last year and is projected to grow 100% this year. Ray Kurzweil totally nailed this one as a futurist: he emphasized that this would happen more than anyone else I can recall. I think this is the best economic news to come out of the US this year, other than Apple's climb to "world's most valuable company".
John L. Sokol Amazing since the several largest Billion Dollar funded Solar companies around Silicon Valley went belly up this year. What dipstick are the Government and VC funding? It's my true believe that they are only funding cronies to steal solar funding rather then funding real start ups. This is so they can claim to back solar while at the same time, blocking solar farms, and being in Big Oil's back pocket. The reality is Solar is not quite Morse law, but still exponentially improving, as is battery and capacitor storage technologies and must at some point soon become cheaper then anything else.

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