Monday, September 6, 2010

Notes on Heat Reduction on Roof

Recently, we decide to reduce the heat load on one of our building. Thereby having a cooler building during the day, and reducing the need for air conditioning and fans - and reducing our electrical load on the system.

Much of the information I've read up until now has stated that "insulation" is the way to reduce temperature change - and thereby reduce our energy consumption. So three candidates were investigate for cost at Home Depot.

* Reflectix "Radiant Barrier" 500 sq.ft. roll
* Insulafoam 4'x8' panel
* Solarflex paint (data sheet) 287 sq.ft. coverage per 5 gallon bucket

Its worth noting that painting would likely have a lower labor cost, and painting reflects the a portion of the heat versus being a barrier to heat.


product cost/unit cost per sq. ft. cost for 5000 sq. ft.
Reflectix Radiant Barrier $66/roll $0.1320 $660.00
Insulfoam panel $7 $0.2188 $1,093.75
Solarflex roof paint $70 $0.2438 $1,219.51