Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Plan for solar plant in Mojave scrapped - Courtesy of Senator Dianne Fienstein

Courtesy of Senator Dianne Fienstein:

"Plan for solar plant in Mojave scrapped":

From: friend Steve T.
This entire discussion is a moot point - I predict ALL major solar power developments will be stopped, probably using environmental issues as an excuse, but, regardless of the excuse, they'll come up with some reason why none will be built, and even if, by some
miracle, one actually does get constructed, our politicians will find a way to shut it down too . . .

Which, of course, will leave us still dependent on big oil and burning oil for power.

Funny how that works, huh?

Use green smoke as smoke screen but, in the end, always end up serving big oil.

So, Dianne, how much did big oil stuff in that numbered bank account of yours in the Bahamas to destroy our solar power plant and betray all Americans and sell us out to your big oil masters anyway?

None of these is going to happen.

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