Thursday, October 22, 2009

Politicians who claim to support green energy actually sabotage it

From a friends E-mail:

every time we try to get off oil, the very politicians who claim to support green energy actually sabotage it:

California Solar Energy plant destroyed by Senator Feinstein:

(Prediction: ALL future solar power plants in California will initially be supported by politicians, and then destroyed by them)

Kennedy kills wind power back in 2006:

There are plenty of other examples (for instance, find out what happened to the first generation ethanol plants . . . and who bought them after they were driven bankrupt by the government? The oil companies!) but just like the example I just gave in the parentheses, nearly ALL our politicians give lip service to green power development, but when it finally gets down to it, they ALWAYS sell out to the oil companies.

And, gee, I wonder who puts those millions of dollars in those secret bank accounts of theirs in the Bahamas?

It wouldn't be the oil companies, would it?


Our politicians don't really want us off oil.

We can put a man on the moon, and we could EASILY get off oil if we wanted to - see Brazil and their no oil, only ethanol solution (and to modify a car to run on both ethanol and gas only costs $100 at the factory) - and the fact that we aren't proves the point.


We are being lied to.
We are being betrayed.

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