Tuesday, October 20, 2009

CO2 Widgets

http://co2now.org Has a cool CO2 widget you can add to your blog or web site.

Go to:

Widget Installation
1. Copy the HTML code below.
2. Paste it into the source code at your website or blog.
<!-- Start of Current CO2 Widget-->
<p><a href="http://co2now.org/"><img src="http://co2now.org/images/stories/widgets/co2_widget_rio_92.png" alt="Current CO2 level in the atmosphere" width="92" height="92" border="0" /></a></p>
<!-- End of Current CO2 Widget-->

Unfortunately their instructions are lacking somewhat.
In blogger.com (blogspot.com) in your dashboard go to layout, then "add a gadget" then picture. I just added  http://co2now.org/images/stories/widgets/co2_widget_rio_92.png directly.

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