Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wind Power FAQ

Helix Wind has an excellent FAQ on where web site.
The really applys to anyone interested in any kind of wind and even somewhat applicable to solar


  1. How do I get a permit?
  2. Does Helix qualify for a Federal Tax Credit?
  3. How does Net Metering work?
  4. How much does electricity cost?
  5. What is kilowatt hour?
  6. Vertical versus Horizontal Turbines
  7. What are the dimensions?
  8. How tall is the mounting pole?
  9. What are rotor startup/shutdown speeds?
  10. Is it safe for Birds and Bats?
  11. Does the turbine make noise?
  12. What are the mass & loadings?
  13. How close can these turbines be mounted to each other?
  14. Can I sell electricity to the grid ?
  15. What safety features are there?
  16. Does it have accreditation?
  17. How do I calculate my Helix investment payback ?
  18. What are the economics of Small Wind?

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