Saturday, September 19, 2009

Electric Vehicals - Lithium battery issues

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Bolivia Is the Saudi Arabia of Lithium

"You can literally scrape valuable lithium off the ground of many Bolivian salt flats. The country is poised to be the center of world lithium battery production, reaping the benefit of the metal's skyrocketing value. 'The US Geological Survey says 5.4 million tons of lithium could potentially be extracted in Bolivia, compared with 3 million in Chile, 1.1 million in China and just 410,000 in the United States. ... Ailing automakers in the United States are pinning their hopes on lithium. General Motors next year plans to roll out its Volt, a car using a lithium-ion battery along with a gas engine. Nissan, Ford and BMW, among other auto makers, have similar projects.' However, the government fears foreign countries might exploit their natural resources, so for the time being, the salt flats remain untouched."


  1. I am little bit confused in having electric vehicle, basically its battery problem. As I've saw your post & read it carefully. I think I am right. Its Chinese product as well as I saw in the market. Would it'll be solve in near future? Its battery backup is too low. What it should be?

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  2. Batteries can be made anywhere. Not neccisarily in China. Up to this point they were made for small devices and so they are just starting to design for vehical size power levels. But I believe supercaps (also call ultracaps) will ended up being the winning technology. They don't have a finite lifespan. The charge faster and can supply higher current levels. The technology has had very little inventment so far, but that is just starting to change.